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Founder of "HOBBA", "Titov Consulting"
A professional in the field of financial technology, chief operating management, training, development and motivation of staff.

My career path is 14 years of international practice:

  • 3 years — a line-level employee;
  • 6 years — middle manager;
  • 5 years — senior management activity.

I work and acquire skills and knowledge in leading corporate structures of such companies as Unicredit Bank, Otkritie Bank, Alfa Group, multicultural regions of the world, Central Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe.
Business coach
A business coach with international experience in the field of overdue debt management, training, development and motivation of staff.

Work experience of more than 11 years, including:
4 years — TOP 3 best operators (all stages of recovery);
7 years — Quality control expert, Supervisor, Head of Collection.

Author of master classes and co-author of training programs:

  • Intensive "Plasticine".
  • Master class "Listening to our conversations".
  • Training "Gladiator (Practical examples)".
MAMODALY Ashley Kallie
Marketing Manager, Business Recovery Coach, Junior Trainer
My direction — is to train your teams in French in your call centers, departments, Banks, Microfinance, Retail companies, and other forms.

My Professional Journey:

Bringing an innovative vision to the marketing strategy, participated
  • creation of the "Sold" training program
  • in testing and diagnostics of the "Chatbot

Business Recovery Coach:

Mastered the Gladiator training on the topic: "Technology and psychology of negotiations on the phone of an overdue debt specialist".
With a passion for coaching, i did comprehensive coaching programs, totaling 150 hours of in-depth study on online debt recovery strategies from this 82 hours academic practice.


David Kolb's Learning Cycle: I am proud to hold a certification demonstrating my commitment to continuous learning and professional development.
My strategic approach and my acute understanding of emerging trends in the digital field are assets that I put at the service of growth and success in the debt collection sector. I am looking forward to contributing to the evolution of this constantly changing industry.
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